AT&T 960

  • Caller ID/Call Waiting Telephone
  • Caller ID* name and number compatible, even on Call Waiting*
  • Improved speakerphone sound quality
  • Keeps a record of the last 99 incoming calls
  • Voice Mail subscriber Message Waiting* and/or New Calls light
  • 28-number memory, up to 24 digits each
  • ClearSpeak duplex speakerphone
  • Receiver and speaker volume controls
  • Convenience jack
  • 4-line display
  • Display dial (one touch)
  • Color: Dove Gray
* Services provided by many local telephone companies for a fee. In addition, for Caller ID (with or without Call Waiting) to work properly, both you and the caller must be in areas where Caller ID (and Call Waiting) services are available, and the local telephone companies must be using compatible equipment.
 AT&T 960

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