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Harvest HT5 Shark

 Harvest HT-5 Shark   The HT-5 SHARK is capable of extending up to 2 bases (2 lines) and 8 handset units in place of a PBX system. It is easy to operate and can be installed without any complicated installation procedures. Other features include auto select of free lines (2-base mode), half-duplex talking between handsets via base repeater, 2-mode voice scrambler to keep conversation private, 16-channel auto scan and 160-channel selectable program for the best communication signals (having an ultra long range, 20Km to 60Km, to satisfy different user's requests). Harvest's strong designing, engineering and marketing teams are constantly thinking of innovative ways to make life easier and more convenient for you.




RF Frequency Range

Band 0: 37~400.975 MHz
Band 1: 393~396.975MHz

Band 0: 267~270.975MHz
Band 1: 263~266.975MHz

Output Power

2.5W (Typ)

2.5W (Typ)

Modulation Type


Channel space


Sensitivity (12db SINAD)



4.5KHz (max)

Selectivity (25KHz)

More than 65dB

Superior Rejection

More than 65dB

Standby Power Consumption

10mA (avg)

70mA (avg)

Power Consumption at talk mode

900mA (max)

900 (max)

Power supply

Ni-Cd battery 6V, 1200mAh

DC 9V/1000mA


60W x 30D x 143H mm

160W x 50D x 255H mm




Option Accessories

HT-3, DLW-20

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