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Soho M-3810

 Soho M-3810

3-Line Small Business System

• Expandable, plug and play phone system designed for the small business
• A maximum of 24 stations can share up to 4 phone lines
• Full-featured intercom allows a hands free conversation between two stations without tying up a phone line
• Toll restriction on/off/override prevents unauthorized long distance calls
• 184 number memory including 150 stored at extension #1 for systemwide use
• Never loses stored numbers
• Call privacy on/off prevents others from joining or listening to your conversation
• Speakerphone, conference call and global or individual paging features
• Pivoting 2-line LCD shows clock, date, call time, number dialed, internal messages and caller ID info with telephone company caller ID service
• Expandable system requires the use of the same phone model at each station

примерная цена:  

Soho M-3810: 3-Line Small Business System - $180

Music on Hold Adapter Allows connection of a radio or tape player to system - $95
Compatibility Box Provides "line-in-use" indication when a standard phone is using a line - $90
Caller ID Server Allows Alphanumeric Display of Calls When Subscribed to Caller ID Service From Telephone Company - $110
Door Intercom Adapter Allows for a door intercom speaker and/or magnetic door lock - $145
External Paging Adapter Allows connection of an external amplifier or speaker - $105
Cordless Phone Adapter Allows connection of a single-line cordless phone to system - $150


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