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Mirafone Bone Conductor Phone

 Mirafone Bone Conductor Phone

Commercial use: The mirafone is not strictly intended for the hard of hearing. It is a revolutionary phone that can be utilized by various people in assorted enviorments. It allows for a clear, safe and efficient mode of communication to those industries with loud background noise. The mirafone provides an alternative method of delivering sound that makes the conventional means of telephone communication obsolete. Construction sites, power plants and manufacturing sites are just a few areas in which the mirafone can truly live up to its name.

Share the phone with the entire family: The mirafone is designed for use by the entire family. If you are not hard of hearing, your auditory system will overide the vibrations of the DirectVibe Pulsator and the phone will work in the conventional manner.
• Patented DirectVibe Pulsator transduces sound waves via bone conduction, bypassing the conventional auditory process.
• By placing the handset's DirectVibe pulsator at strategic locations on your head, sound vibrations travel from the pulsator to the speed recognition center in your brain
• Visual ringer lights when the phone rings
• Ringer and sound volume controls
• Redial, hold, flash
• Hands-free dialing
• Large keypad for dialing ease
• Also functions as a conventional phone

примерная цена - $130   


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