Samsung SP-R6100

 Samsung SP-R6100
The SP-R6100 will give you something special - it's freedom.
Intelligent & stylish design
Smallest & lightest DECT
lluminated graphic display
Hands-free headset (ear-microphone)
Caller-ID (CLIP) with name & number
Missed calls memory up to 20 calls
Unique ring tones for the selected calls
Phonebook for 70 names & numbers

Intelligent & Stylish Design
 The SP-R6100 is not just another cordless phone but a new creative DECT you have never experienced. It looks, feels, and operates like the latest GSM mobile phone, so the SP-R6100 can meet all your needs for the new millennium. Its flip-open type handset of metallic silver and champagne gold color presents elegant design.

 Comfortable to use The SP-R6100 is the smallest and lightest DECT phone. Its compact and light body fits into your pocket, so you can use it anytime and anywhere. With its illuminated graphic display, you can read and operate it even at night. The menu navigation system with 8 language display helps you use the phone without handbook. In addition, built-in headset (ear-microphone) gives you the convenience of hands-free talking; you don't need to hold the handset when you are calling. It is so simple and comfortable to call with SP-R6100.

 Advanced Features The SP-R6100 is a standard model of DECT-GAP and gives you a superior sound quality combined with a variety of new features.

 Headset(ear-microphone): You don't need to hold the handset when you are calling. You can even wash the dishes, do the cleaning, or working on a computer wearing the headset.

 Vibration Alert: It will not disturb your important meeting. Its built-in vibration alert device silences the ringing sound during conference or meeting but still gives you a vibrating sign of a phone call.

 Unique ring tones for selected calls: You can identify specific callers only by ringing tones. Just set different ring tones to selected phone numbers memorized in the handset. You can instantly recognize the caller by its unique ringing sound. This distinctive feature is available with Caller-ID (CLIP) service.

 Caller ID(CLIP)* : You can identify the caller even before you answer the phone by the caller's number displayed. If the number is stored in the phone book, you can see the caller's name as well. You can check out up to 20 missed calls with time & date information. You will simply have more control over your life and your time with our Caller-ID. (* You need to contact your telephone company for this service.)

 Phonebook: This phone book memorizes up to 70 phone numbers and their corresponding names. It is easy to search a number and make a call through speed dialing.

**The exact model pictured above may no
Standard DECT / GAP
Dimension (handset) 115 x 46 x 22 mm
Weight (handset) 95g
Display Illuminated full graphic display up to 4-line text : large/middle/small font
1-line fixed Icon
Operation Time 7 hours talk time, 70 hours standby time
Multi-link Handset : up to 6
Base station : up to 4
Battery Ni-MH (pack type), 2.4V 600mAh
Color Metallic Silver, Champagne Gold


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